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The Inspection and Screening Data Engine

Secure data solutions for mission-critical AI, systems, and operators.

Full Spectrum Security 

X-Ray, Gamma Ray, Infrared, and Millimeter Wave are a few examples of the wavelengths found in advanced security, inspection, screening, and defense use cases.

Traditionally, acquiring training or test data for these spectra is time-consuming and expensive, and it can easily exhaust memory, compute, and storage budgets.

Cignal's innovative approach to data creation allows these non-visible datasets to be generated, shared, and stored faster, with fewer limitations, and at a greatly reduced cost.

We Clear Data Hurdles for Better Outcomes

Cignal has developed the Cignal Engine, a suite of High-Performance Computing (HPC) software components that work together to create data for OEMs, researchers, and government personnel responsible for securing ports, transportation infrastructure, mail and cargo systems, and more.  

Flexible Deployment

The Cignal Engine can be deployed anywhere you need it: on-premises, in the cloud, or at the edge.

Accelerate Time to Market

Accelerate development of novel systems and algorithms, or test new architectures faster and more efficiently.

Own Your Data

Cignal's flexible computing architecture means you have full control over your data, helping you better balance security with innovation speed.

For People or Machines

Cignal can deliver solutions for training human operators and screeners - in addition to AI/ML systems -  for emerging, unique, or novel scenarios and use cases.


Cignal takes a forward-looking approach to solving some of the unique challenges in inspection, screening, and security.  Below are some of the areas we're exploring to help advance our industry.

Forensic Replay

Replay historic acts of terrorism, sabotage, and hijacking against AI models to evaluate performance.

Cignal Echo

A patent-pending innovation to clone physical screening devices and convert them to software models.

Dimensionality Reduction

Compress and inflate massive datasets using novel on-demand rendering and compression technology. 


Better AI Begins with Simulation

Advanced screening, inspection, and threat detection systems need a constant source of balanced datasets to deliver better detection capability and differentiate legitimate commerce from threats and illicit activity.

Cignal develops advanced simulation and High-Performance Computing (HPC) environments that combine performance, efficiency, and patent-pending compression techniques to deliver massive amounts of labeled training data - in a fraction of the time and with a smaller data footprint.​


Our innovative use of digital twins for contraband, hazards, and illicit substances results in faster development, testing, and certification iterations in less time and at a reduced cost.

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