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Cignal offers hands-on training for AI engineers, technical personnel, and technical managers to understand how to use synthetic data techniques to make better products and services.


Learn how to make AI-based detection systems faster, more economical, and more trustworthy.

Sample Training Topics Incude:

  • Adversarial Testing

  • Building a SynthOps Workflow

  • Container Management for High-Performance
    Training Workflows

  • Generating Text Summaries from Screening Images

  • Hard Negative Mining with Cignal Engine

  • Introduction to Reinforcement Learning

  • Lowering False Alarm Rates with Cignal Engine

  • Novel Threat Detection

  • Privacy-Preserving Techniques in Synthetic Data Generation

  • Integrating PyCignal into Your AI Testing Proces

  • Scaling Training Pipelines for High-Dimensional Datasets

  • Synthetic Data 101

  • Testing with CASE

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